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My lessons will consist of discovering your own unique voice and utilising it in a style of your choosing.

My goal as a teacher is for a student to be able to transfer music techniques to any genre of music of their preference. Whether it be breathing techniques or working on your diction it can be applied to a song/genre of your choice

I have experience teaching young children from 10 – 18 years old whilst also teaching those who are more mature and want to try something new. I regularly teach lessons of Musical Theatre of 20+ children aged 10 – 18 year old.

I can also help with GCSE and Primary school tests or exams if assistance is needed.

I recommend 60 minute lessons for students who are above 13+. Additionally, I offer 30 – 45 minute lessons for children between 6 – 13 years old.

More information can be found in the “Terms” sections.

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