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Terms and Conditions

(UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, all lessons will be conducted via Zoom, Skype. However, the terms and conditions still apply when being conducted online).

On this page you can find the terms and conditions. When you buy a Lesson Block or a Single Lesson with Anusha Stribbling, the ‘Tutor’ will operate according to these terms. Before the introductory lesson is conducted, a contract with these terms will be issued to the Student/Customer and will be signed once the Customer has agreed.

They can be found below:

1. Music Lessons

1.1 All lessons are set at £10 per 15 minutes. (e.g. 30 minutes = £20). Single lessons are offered within 30, 45 and 60 minutes. ‘Blocks’ can be brought in 4 and 8 . 

1.2 If you live outside the Haringey area, an extra £5 may be added to the price of each individual lesson to cover travel costs. This will be discussed prior before a lesson is booked. 

1.3 If the Tutor must travel through Zone 1 to get to the location of the lesson, then an extra £5 will be added to the price of each individual lesson to cover travel costs.

1.4 Lessons fees will be reviewed at the end of every tax year (April 2020) and the prices may be altered. Customers will be notified in advance about any changes to prices of lessons.

2. Lesson Blocks

2.1 Lessons can come in ‘Blocks’ of 4 or 8.

2.2 Lesson Blocks and Lessons must be purchased before the tuition starts.

2.3 Lesson Blocks are non-refundable.

2.4 Blocks of 4 and 8 will expire 5 months after purchase. Please allow enough time in your diary to commit to your Lesson Blocks.

3. Cancellation

The Tutor operates on a 24 hour cancellation policy. If a customer calls 24 hours before the scheduled lessons, the next lesson can be rearranged. The full lesson price will still be due and will not be refunded if 24 hours notice is not given. The lesson will be deducted from their Lesson Block if 24 hours notice isn’t given. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, the 24 hour policy will not apply and the lesson will be rearranged. This needs to be communicated with the Tutor first.

4. Termination

4.1 No refunds will be made if a student has chosen to terminate their lessons halfway through their block. If you would like to terminate your lesson, please contact your Tutor so that they can help you with your future. If the Tutor has chosen to terminate their lessons with the customer, then lessons will be refunded.

4.2 The Tutor reserves the right to terminate a Single Lesson or a Lesson Block if the Tutor feels as if they’ve been discriminated against or treated unfairly. After the termination is implemented then the Tutor has the right to cease contact with the Customer if deemed necessary.

5. Customer Co-Operation

5.1 The Tutor asks their customers to cooperate fully with the music lessons. If you are finding any part of the lesson difficult then please discuss this with your Tutor.

5.2 We ask anyone else who is in the house to not be present in the room where the lesson is taking place so that the Student can fully benefit from the lesson

6. Holiday Period/Religious Celebrations

6.1 The Customer is responsible for arranging lessons around any holiday scheduled. The Tutor must be notified as soon as a holiday is scheduled.

6.2  The Customer is responsible for arranging lessons around any religious celebrations. If it interferes with any Lesson Blocks, the Customer will not lose any lessons. Instead they will be moved to a later date

7. Printing Lyrics/Sheet Music

The Customer is responsible for printing sheet music or lyric sheets in preparation for their lessons. However the Tutor will cooperate as much as they can to help with printing. This may result in an additional £2 charge but this will be at the Customers and the Tutor’s discretion

8. Music Tutor

We ask that you show your commitment to your lessons by solely having lessons with our company. If it is found out that the customer is having lessons with multiple companies, then lessons will be terminated immediately.

9. Tuition in the Customer’s Home

9.1 We ask each customer to be prepared before the lesson starts. Any extra work that has been set, it is expected to be completed at the best of the customer’s ability. If the customer is not ready by the time the Tutor arrives, the time will be deducted from the lesson time.

9.2 The Tutor will teach at one address per Customer. If the Customer moves outside the Haringey area then the Tutor reserves the right to add the £5 travel charge or terminate the lessons (within a week’s notice).

10. Safety in the Customer’s Home

10.1 We ask that when the Tutor arrives, that the house is kept moderately clean and that there is enough space for the lesson.

10.2 If the Tutor believes that the customer’s home is not adequate enough to practise in, the Tutor has the right to leave immediately. The Tutor will then deduct the lesson from the Lesson Block. (See 3.1)

10.3 The Tutor has the right to take photographic evidence in this circumstance

11. Pets in the Customer’s Home

11.1 The Tutor will happily conduct lessons in the customer’s house if they own a pet(s). However we ask that customers have their pets under control.

11.2 If the Tutor feels unsafe/vulnerable in the customer’s home, the Tutor has the right to leave immediately. The Tutor will then deduct the lesson from the Lesson Block. (See 3.1)

12. Equipment Safety

12.1 The customer is responsible for keeping any musical/electrical equipment in a safe condition whilst the Tutor is conducting the lesson in the customer’s home.

12.2 The Tutor doesn’t require any testing of electrical equipment, but if the Tutor decides that the equipment is not safe for the lesson to continue, the Tutor has the right to leave immediately. The Tutor will then deduct the lesson from the Lesson Block. (See 3.1)

13. Tutor Running Late
13.1 If the Tutor is running late then the Tutor will contact you as early as possible. However, please be mindful that the Tutor may be driving or on the tube therefore they might not be able to answer the phone.

13.2 The Tutor will add the appropriate time onto the lesson to make up for their lateness. If it is not possible to add extra time on the scheduled lesson, the Tutor will make arrangements to add it to a future lesson

14. Payment

14.1 Payment for Single Lessons or Lesson Blocks can be made through PayPal, bank transfer, or cash.

14.2 Customers will be charged before the lesson is scheduled to commence.

14.3 If payment hasn’t been made 12 hours before the lesson is scheduled to commence (either through PayPal or Bank Transfer), then the Tutor reserves the right to postpone the lesson until further notice.

14.4 If the Customer decided to pay in cash, then payment must be made on the Tutor’s arrival.

14.5 If the Customer fails to pay the Tutor on arrival then the Tutor reserves the right to postpone the lesson until further notice.

15. Late Payment Plans

The Tutor does not accept late payments. But if the customer has trouble with their payment, a ‘Late Payment Plan’ can be discussed with a Tutor and a different contract will be signed

16. Late Payment Fees

16.1 A “Late Payment Fee” will be added when the customer fails to make payment for their lessons. The “Late Payment Fee” is currently at 10% of the original lesson price.

16.2 An email and text will be sent within 7 working days of the first original email confirming the lessons, stating that the “Late Payment Fee” has been added.

17. Lessons for Disadvantaged Families/Customers

If a customer is receiving some sort of benefit from the government, the Tutor will consider offering discounted lessons. All we ask is that the customer provides evidence that they are currently receiving this benefit. Then discounted prices can be discussed.

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